The Paul family in America descends from a single founding couple: Julius Paul and Bronisława (“Brunis”) Rottke. Julius and Brunis were ethnic Germans born and raised in the Wielkopolska region of Poland. They were married in 1891 and had their first child, Helen, in Poland. Julius immigrated to the United States in 1892. Brunis and Helen followed in 1895. The little family settled first in Chicago, and later moved to rural Langlade County, Wisconsin. Julius and Brunis had six children who lived past infancy, and their many descendants are concentrated in the upper Midwest states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

In Europe, the Rottke line was rich in devout Lutheran churchmen and laymen. One of the Paul lines reaches back into Alsace, France.

At least four cousins of Julius Paul immigrated to America around the same time. All four were the sons of his mother’s sister Wilhelmina. In fact, Julius came to the United States in 1892 with two of these cousins, Karl (“Charles”) and Ludwig Krüger (“Louis Krueger”).

This family history focuses on Julius and Brunis, their ancestors in Europe, and their descendants in America. It also includes some information on the Krueger and Hase families.


L-R: Edward Paul, Lydia Paul, Art Paul, Julius Paul, Ewald Paul, Brunis Paul, Helen Behm (Paul), Gertrude Paul.