My grandmother Elsie Fields Davidson was the only child of Oscar Fields and his second wife Alice Williams. Oscar was born in post-Reconstruction North Carolina having deep roots in the state going back well into the colonial era. Oscar’s lines have been in America so long we don’t know exactly when they came over from the British Isles.

The Williams family was a much more recent arrival. Alice and her brother were the first pair of twins born in the new settlement of Grand Junction, Colorado, children of Cornish immigrants who engaged on one side of the Atlantic and married on the other. The Williams’s deep roots are in Pydarshire, Cornwall, England, and includes a family of famous late nineteenth and early twentieth century authors. Several of Alice’s aunts, uncles, and cousins also emigrated in the late nineteenth century, and thus Williams descendants are today scattered throughout the United States, Canada and Britain.

This page mainly focuses on Oscar and Alice (Williams) Fields, their siblings, and those families’ ancestors and descendants.